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The Expert in Latin-American Cuisine

Caliente means “hot” in Spanish, and it represents our Latin-American dishes and the joy we feel serving them.

Our Dishes

Our Latin-American menu options include all the classics like Peruvian ceviche, Mexican taco’s, Argentine empanadas etc., but we also have a large selection lesser known but still amazing dishes like tamales, arepas, barbecue dishes and many more.


After many years of working (and eating) experience in Mexico and South-America we have selected our favorite dishes. Now, using traditional cooking methods and authentic recipes, we can serve them to you from one of our restaurants, festivals or in your home.


Besides from our restaurant in Amsterdam and Hilversum, we serve our dishes in many different settings: from big festivals with our food trucks, to a backyard catering or a high-end wedding. We know exactly how to adapt our setting, maintaining the same level of quality.


We fully understand fully the importance of using sustainable ingredients and disposables. We work with high quality ingredients and local farmers to assure this. We also have an extended vegetarian and vegan menu.

Why Caliente?

  • Excellent food quality and service
  • Specialist in Latin-American cuisine
  • Many years of experience in catering
  • Authentic preparation methods
  • Extended menu
  • Sustainable products
  • Detail for entourage

Google Reviews

We had the most amazing meal here! The best Latin American food I have had in Amsterdam! Everything was amazing and the service was excellent! Will be going here again soon!


This place is amazing. The food is delicious and staff super nice. They serve the real Latin American dishes. Will definitely come back! Kudos!


What a great Latin food experience and great time were having dinner at Cantina Caliente. Warm welcome, the staff make you feel like home. We will definitely come back!


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